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Tying Stillwater Patterns For Trophy Trout Volume 1

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Now, available on video for the first time, Denny Rickards demonstrates his tying techniques and secrets for tying what many knowledgeable anglers consider five of the best stillwater patterns for big trout found anywhere.

For years, Denny has been catching big trout on these highly suggestive patterns that were created from fishing over 400 lakes, ponds and reservoirs throughout the Western United States, Alaska and Canada.

Included in this video are easy to follow steps on tying each fly along with tips on how to fish them, including fly lines, retrieves, time frames and locations.

You will see how these flies swim through the water right from the tying bench and why hard to catch trout are so attracted to them.

These same patterns have accounted for over 500 trout a year exceeding 4 pounds for the past ten years for Denny. They include the Seal Bugger, Stillwater Nymph, A.P. Emerger, Callibaetis Nymph and the Black Diamond.

Anyone who has dreamed of hooking a trophy sized trout will want this outstanding video. Available in DVD.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Tying Stillwater Patterns For Trophy Trout Volume 2

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In this informative new video, Denny demonstrates the tying steps for the other five fly patterns that make up his arsenal.

These flies account for a large percentage of trout over 4 pounds each year for Denny. Tied and fished correctly, they will be a valuable addition to any stillwater anglers collection.

Denny demonstrates the proper steps on not only how to tie them, but shows you what line and retrieve to use along with the food source they imitate. Included are Denny's Midge Larva, Leech, Dragonfly Nymph and his Chub and Shiner Minnows.

You will see how they move through the water the same way trout see them. Learn the difference in the flies behavior when fluorocarbon and monofilament tippets are used.

When the bite is hard to come by, these patterns can make the difference. Available in DVD and VHS.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout Volume 3

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Variations of Denny's top patterns he fishes highlight this 60 minute video.
Like the first two tying videos, Denny will carefully demonstrate each tying step then show you the pattern beneath the surface and finish the sequence by demonstrating the best line, retrieve and the most productive depth to fish it.

Featured in this video will be his new Emerging Bugger, the deadly Peacock Callibaetis, the Orange tail stillwater Nymph with seal fur body, the Chub Minnow #2(a brown trout favorite) and the Multi Tail Seal Bugger.

All these patterns with the exception of the Peacock Callibaetis and the Orange Tail Stillwater Nymph, which are time proven favorites but not tied on video before, were tested extensively during the 2002 season. Available in DVD and VHS.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Tying Stillwater Patterns For Trophy Trout Volume 4

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In this new tying stillwater patterns DVD, the rage of this past season was the Stillwater Bug. I'll show you one color that produced unbelievable results for me in 2008. However, if you will check out my section of this site under flies, the Stillwater Bug is the last fly listed, but with 6 new color variations to go with the original 6 colors. This is too good a fly for you stillwater anglers not to have in your arsenal. In the video, as with all the tying videos, I'll show you not only how to tie this pattern, but how to fish it, the best line and retrieve along with other presentation tips. The second fly is my new Damsel, tied on a very short hook for good reason. It's all explained in the video. The third pattern is my Shiner Minnow with a few new additions that I added. During the trial period, this new version not only proved how deadly the pattern was, but took a lot of big trout seeking protein which is what minnows offer big fish. The fourth pattern is called, Doctor John, named after a very close friend in Elko, Nevada. It worked for me when water boatmen were on the water and trout feeding on them. But I think it has a silhouette that looks like food to the fish. Anyway, it proved it belongs in my small array of stillwater patterns. The last fly is the Multi-wing Leech which offers the advantage of more than one color on top. Since the leech pattern is so deadly in stillwater, why not add the advantage of more than one color in case you choose wrong or the trout has a different preference.
I think you will find this video will help fill that void when you struggle coming up with something the trout will take. Hope you enjoy it.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout

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At last, a video that covers the most important steps to consistently catching big trout in lakes.

Denny has included in this fast paced, fact filled video information from 25 years of fly fishing for trophy trout in over 300 lakes, ponds and reservoirs. You will see how his system for catching big trout is put to the test on southern Oregon's Upper Klamath Lake.

Learn in detail his six keys to success, information never before shown on video. Most importantly, you will come away with a better understanding of lakes, the insects and fish that live there, the fly patterns that attract big trout, the best forms of presentation along with those factors that influence the behavior of all that lives within the stillwater environment.

You will learn his secrets for stalking and landing huge trout derived from fishing and guiding anglers the past 30 years. No more wondering what rod, line, fly or retrieve to use. Available in DVD only.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Advanced Techniques for Fly Fishing Stillwaters

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This video focuses on learning the zones trout feed in, matching the fly to the line and retrieve when fishing these zones, proper technique when wading or fishing from a floating device, along with the most common mistakes made when fly fishing stillwater.

You will see how your fly moves below the water the same way trout see it.

No more trial and error fishing. Denny will show you the proper way to explore lakes with his system that is consistently effective.

If you are serious about locating, hooking and landing big trout in lakes, this one hour video will help give you the knowledge to make it happen. Available in VHS or DVD.

  qty $14.95 + S+H

Stillwater Presentation Video

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For the first time ever, a video on stillwater presentation. In 2002, Stillwater Productions, Fly Fish T.V. Magazine and the Cortland Line Company combined to produce my new video on presentation for lakes.

The video will cover the four key zones (depths) trout hold or feed in along with the right lines, patterns and retrieves for each zone and fly being fished. You will see how each line looks below the water, how the fly moves with different retrieve styles as well as how trout see and react to it.

I’ll discuss key tips for gaining casting distance along with presentation flaws and how to avoid them. To round out the presentation puzzle, I’ll cover leaders, tippet size and lengths along with fluorocarbon versus monofilament.

No longer do you need to struggle with line, pattern and retrieve choices. It’s all laid out for you in a simple diagram that all anglers can easily follow.

You will be amazed how simple it is and to keep you entertained, you will see how trout respond to my different forms of presentation. Available in DVD only.

  qty $14.95 + S+H



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