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Fly Rods

Picking a fly rod that's best for you is no easy task. With so many quality rods to pick and choose from it's difficult to make the right choice.

PRESS RELEASE: March 23, 2021 from SNOWBEE, USA

Denny Rickards Signature Series Stillwater Fly Rod

From the world of fly fishing, Snowbee and the expert stillwater fly fisherman, Denny Rickards are teaming up to bring anglers an exciting new Signature Series Fly Rod. These two trusted names in the sport make a perfect unit After all, anglers know that when either of these names are associated with a product, then it will be among the best of the best on all espert and/or review lists.

Needing "a signature rod that would meet the demands of fishing a fly on lakes", Snowbee first caught the attention of Denny Rickards with their uniquely colored olive-green, mid-action Diamond Fly Rod. After a full year of thorough testing "under a variety of conditions on over fifty lakes", Denny found his rod. "Playing fish, especially big trout, was absolutely no problem. The rod has plenty of butt strength to power a cast across a strong wind which is common on stillwater lakes".

What separates this rod from the competition is not just casting excellence, but also performance, which is a testament to the many combined decades of expertise and experience these partners have under their belts. Despite that brute strength, the rod shows its versatile nature by making "delicate presentations where laying a soft cast over flat water is critical to keep from spooking fish". Just think of owning a 9ft. 6 weight "Denny Rickards Signature Series Fly Rod", capable of handling a sinking fly line for that perfect presentation.

Each partner in this team has an incredible background. Denny Rickards has over 50 years of experience as a professional angler. As an acclaimed stillwater angler, author, his books, videos, seminars and fly tying demonstrations have revolutionized the sport and have influenced countless stillwater anglers everywhere.

Specifications and Features:

9 foot 6 weight 4 piece Lustrous Olive-Green Tri-Modulus Carbon Technology Blank
Rod Weight 3.9 oz.
Extra Large SIC Lined Stripping Guides plus High-Lift Snakes Guides for a smoother presentation.
High Quality Half Well Cork Grip
Burl Wood Reel Seat Insert
Lightweight, Up-Locking, Anodized Diamond Design Reel Seat
Reinforced Fern-Green Cordura Rod Tube Embossed with Denny Rickards Signature
Matching Fern-Green Fly Rod Bag
Snowbee Original Purchaser Lifetime Guaranty

This rod has passed all of the critical needs a stillwater rod requires when fishing lakes, ponds and reservoirs, both big and small. It can cut a wind when you need it to, and easily meets the demands of big trout. That's why I have chosen it for my signature fly rod with my name on it. It's a proven winner for me and it will be for you as well.

Length Weight Pieces Action Price
9 6 4 Med. Fast
Diamondback Rod Company
Model Length Weight Pieces Action Price
Flex 9 5 4 Med. Fast
Flex 9 6 4 Med. Fast
Flex 9 7 4 Med. Fast
View 9 5 4 Med. Fast
View 9 6 4 Med. Fast
View 9 7 4 Med. Fast
AeroFlex   9 6 4 Med. Fast
Snowbee Rod Company
Model Length Weight Pieces Action Price
Classic 9 5 4 Medium
Classic 9 6 4 Medium
Classic 9 7 4 Medium
Diamond 2 9 5 4 Med. Fast
Diamond 2 9 6 4 Med. Fast
Diamond 2 9 7 4 Med. Fast

All rods come with cloth bag.

Note: By using fluorocarbon tippets and a loop knot to tie the fly to the tippet in conjunction with a soft tip rod, you can use heavier tippets reducing the risk of break-offs

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