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Leaders & Tippets

I'm excited to be the first to provide anglers with a fluorocarbon tippet leader. They are simply the best that both components have to offer, the softer, subtleness of a monofilament leader and the invincible nature of a fluorocarbon tippet.

This combination provides fly fisherman with the best of presentation options when existing conditions demand a balanced leader/tippet system.

Denny's Stillwater Leaders w/fluorocarbon tippets 


Climax Leaders


Cortland's Precision Leaders


Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

There are many good quality fluorocarbon tippet materials available, but after years of testing everything I could get my hands on, these are the best I have found for testing big fish. Each spool from 1X-5X is 30 yards or 27.4 meters, have a small diameter, are limp and have the best knot strength of any material I've tested. Plus, they test stronger than what it says on the spool.

Sightfree by Mainstream




For a telephone orders please call me at (541) 381-2218

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