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  The flies offered on this website are simply the best stillwater patterns available. That's not an overstatement, it's true. These patterns were designed to not only catch trout in both moving and stillwater, but imitate the natural food sources big trout eat.

They have been carefully crafted to simulate the movement necessary that makes a trout react. That movement is created by the fly being cast or trolled.

You will find suggestive patterns such as buggers, leech and minnow imitations, aquatic nymph patterns and chironomids in various colors and sizes. Every fly has been tested by me for at least one year on a variety of lakes under all kinds of conditions before being offered to the public. From time to time, I may change some aspect of the fly if I feel it makes it more productive.

Much of the positive feedback I get daily from cards, letters, phone calls, emails or discussions I've had with satisfied customers would be overwhelming and impossible to post. Many are from fly fishermen with limited skills or are beginners to stillwater. Yet, most of those with limited skills have done well regardless of presentation options.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return those unfished for a full refund. Truth is, I've yet to have to make a refund. I'm available if you need any information about the pattern or how and when to fish it.

Suggestive Patterns

Seal Bugger Weighted - $3.25

This is the most suggestive fly I use for all stillwaters. It is an improved version of the wolly bugger. I've replaced the chenille with seals fur or a suitable subsitute which gives the fly more appeal, imitating not one but a host of food sources found in lakes. It can be fished effectively with most sinking fly lines and with a variety of retrieves. Stock this fly in a vaiety of colors and sizes to match the many different variety of habitats found in still waters.

Color Patterns
  Body (Seal Sub) Hackle (Saddle) Tail (Marabou)
1 Black/Red Burgundy Black
2 Black/Red Burgundy Burgundy
3 Olive Brnt Orange Olive
4 Olive Brnt Orange Brnt Orange
5 Black Brnt Orange Black
6 Black Brnt Orange Brnt Orange
7 Olive Grey Grizzly Olive
8 Black Grey Grizzly Black
9 Brown/Red Black Brown
10 Black Black Black
11 Olive/Red Black Dark Olive
12 Olive/Red Black Black

Price: $3.25 qty

Denny's Multi-tailed Seal Bugger - $3.25

Thank heavens fly tying is an endless activity of creating and brainstorming. The fly patterns of tomorrow have yet to be created, but we are working on it. Another version of my Seal Bugger resulted in this Multi-tailed pattern with a few other changes. The more obvious change is that I added another color to the tail to give the fly a little added appeal. I also added Holographic flash-a-bou instead of the standard flash-a-bou over the tail. In the body I added ice dub and mixed it with seals fur. On many lakes where I tested this pattern there was no apparent difference, but on others there was marked improvement in the bite. You be the judge.
Color Patterns
  Body (Seal Sub) Hackle (Saddle) Tail (Marabou)
1 Black/Red Burgundy Burgundy/Black
2 Olive Brnt Orange Olive/Brnt Orange
3 Black Brnt Orange Brnt Orange/Black
4 Black Black Yellow Black
5 Black Burgundy White/Burgundy
6 Olive Olive White/Dark Olive

Price: $3.25 qty

Denny's Emerging Bugger - $3.25

This fly captured the attention of a lot of stillwater anglers last year based on the response I've received. I wanted another emerging pattern to complement my A.P. Emerger, but with the appeal of a bugger style fly. This pattern filled that need and then some. It is now a go-to fly for me for trophy sized trout. It is best fished with a sink tip or a full sinking line moved in an upward angle.
Color Patterns
  Body Hackle (Saddle) Tail (Marabou)
1 Blk/Red Seal/Pea Ice Dub Burgundy Black
2 Blk/Red Seal/Pea Ice Dub Burgundy Burgundy
3 Olv Seal/Olv Ice Dub Brnt Orange Olive
4 Olv Seal/Olv Ice Dub Brnt Orange Brnt Orange
5 Blk Seal/Blk Pea Ice Dub Brnt Orange Black
6 Blk Seal/Blk Pea Ice Dub Brnt Orange Brnt Orange

Price: $3.25 qty

Note: Body is mixed with Ice Dubbing 50/50 and tails have
two strips of Holographic Flashabou over the top.

Denny's Stillwater Bugger - Price $3.25

Rarely have I designed a fly that is as deadly as this pattern. A cross between my Seal Bugger and my Stillwater Bug, it has the best parts of both flies. It is really a bugger with wings to give it maximum movement which is the trigger mechanism that makes trout react. From the trout's perspective, I think they just see it as food with lots of movement which says it is alive.

This pattern comes in six colors with mixed tail, body, hackle and wings all of which I tested extensively last fall. To say it worked is an understatement. It accounted for six rainbows from 13-19 pounds along with lots of numbers as well. It is a weighted fly the same as the Seal Bugger and I found it best fished with a Camo intermediate fly line from 1-4 feet down. I know it will work with other lines and at different depths. Try it because you're going to like it.

Color Patterns
  Tail (Marabou) Body Hackle (Saddle) Wings
1 Burnt Orange Dark Olive Burnt Orange Burnt Orange/Dark Olive
2 Burgundy Black Burgundy Burgundy/Black
3 White Dark Olive Burnt Orange White/Dark Olive
4 Burnt Orange Black Burnt Orange Burnt Orange/Black
5 Olive Olive Burnt Orange Olive
6 Golden Amber Brown Burnt Orange Golden Amber/Burnt Orange

Price: $3.25 qty


 Denny's Leech Weighted - $3.25

Never go near stillwater without an assortment of leech patterns. I prefer the Janssen style leech and have tried and fished them since my first encounter on lakes. Since leeches are found in almost all stillwaters throughout the world, supply yourself with a good variety of colors and sizes.
Price: $3.25 qty

 Denny's Multi-Wing Leech - $3.25

This new pattern has multi-colored marabou wings with flashabou over the top for added appeal. It has the same suggestive appearance as the regular leech patterns I tie and fish. It is weighted at the head with 20 turns of .020 lead and can be fished with almost any fly line at a variety of depths where fish hold. I fished it for the first time in the fall of 2004 with excellent results.
Price: $3.25

Denny's Stillwater Bug - $3.25

The Stillwater Bug may be the most suggestive fly I’ve ever fished. It’s silhouette is similar to a leech, bugger or combination of both. It’s a weighted pattern that moves and breathes with each pull of the retrieve, simulating something alive and edible to trout. I sampled this fly on a dozen lakes in 2006 and the best I could do was a 13 pound rainbow. Hopefully, you may be able to do better. Believe me, it works.
Color Patterns
  Tail (Marabou) Wing (Marabou) Body (Marabou) Thorax Hackle (Saddle)
1 Black Black Black Purple/Ice Burgundy
2 Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy Fuchsia/Ice Burgundy
3 Dk.Olive Dk.Olive Dk.Olive Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange
4 Brnt Orange Dk.Olive Dk.Olive Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange
5 Brnt Orange Black Black Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange
6 Black Black Black Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange
7 White Dark Grey Dark Grey Peacock Ice Dub Brnt Orange
8 White Dark Olive Dark Olive Peacock Ice Dub Brnt Orange
9 Red Black Black Peacock Ice Dub Burgundy
10 Red Dark Grey Dark Grey Peacock Ice Dub Black
11 White Black Black Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange
12 Red Dark Olive
Dark Olive Golden Brown/Ice Brnt Orange

Price: $3.25

Minnow Patterns

Denny's Shiner Series - $3.25

This pattern exploded on the scene in the fall of 2003. The numbers of large trout landed through this past season bare out the effectiveness of this fly. Tied with a polar bear hair substitute gives the fly an appearance of a live minnow. Mixed with the right shades of crystal flash, flashabou and Angel Hair, this pattern looks and moves like a real minnow - I'll tell you this, the trout agree. I tied it for pursuing big trout in still or moving water, but many anglers have used it for other species of game fish as well. Retrieve it in semi-rapid 8-10 inch pulls and get a tight grip on the rod.
Price: $3.25 qty

Denny's Stillwater Minnows - $3.25

The Stillwater Minnow is an exciting new addition to my streamer series of flies that complements the Shiner and Chub Minnow. The major change in this streamer is the addition of marabou over deer or polar bear hair to give the fly more movement and suggestive look. It pulsates when pulled through the water, suggesting a host of little minnows, which was the basis for its name. I prefer it in size 8 and 10, which were the two sizes I tested the pattern over a host of lakes in 2006. I’m offering six different pattern colors, but if you tie your own, get creative and try other colors to match your lakes.
Price: $3.25 qty

Denny's Fox Tail Streamer - $3.25

The fox tail streamers are new for 2019. After extensive testing in 2018, I'm probably overly excited about this fly's ability to attract and hook big trout. In 2018, it accounted for browns to 9 pounds, rainbows to 12 pounds and tiger trout to 8 pounds.

It comes in four colors and in two sizes, 6 and 8 and all four patterns are topped with fox or squirrel tail for realism and added movement. Fish it early and late along shoreline edges where minnows are found and see what happens.
Color Patterns
  Color Body 1st Wing (Marabou) 2nd Wing (Marabou) Top Wing Topping
1 Yellow Gold Shuck White Yellow Grey Squirrel Tail UV Flashabou
2 Shiner Pearl Shuck White Dark Grey Grey Squirrel Tail UV Flashabou
3 Olive Pearl Shuck White Olive Grey Squirrel Tail UV Flashabou
4 Goldfish Gold Shuck Burnt Orange none Fox Tail UV Flashabou
5 Pearl Pearl Shuck White White Grey Squirrel Tail UV Flashabou
6 Deceiver Gold Shuck Yellow Burnt Orange Fox Tail UV Flashabou

Price: $3.25



Denny's All Purpose Emerger - $3.00

I never go near lakes or moving water without this pattern. It has proven so deadly since I first designed it, I had no idea it would be so successful. I find it especially effective for big brown or any species of trout when they are honed in on emerging insects or feeding in the top few inches. Fish it with the Camo intermediate or with a 5 or 7 foot clear sink-tip line. Use slow 4-6 inch pulls.


Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Denny's A.P. Emerger Red Tail - $3.00


Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Emerging Pupae  - $3.00  

This is the other new pupae pattern in my gallery of Stillwater patterns. To say I'm excited about this fly's potential as a deadly fly on stillwaters would be an understatement. It has far exceeded my expectations during the test period last fall and this spring. In fact it has outperformed some of my regular go-to patterns on several occasions. The wing case is UV flashabou which may account for the increased strikes. The silhouette is a dead ringer for the natural. That means it is more the angler than the fly which determines the outcome. Takes can be explosive so don't skimp on tippet size. Fish this fly sub surface with very SLOW pulls and pauses up to 5-7 seconds between pulls. I prefer the Camo intermediate or the 7 foot Camo sink tip when fishing this pattern. It comes in two sizes, four colors all of which have been readily accepted by the trout feeding on pupae regardless of whether it's mayfly, caddis, midge, or damsels showing. They don't care and neither should you as long as they eat it.


Price: $3.00 qty

Pupa Patterns

Denny's Callibaetis Nymph - $3.00

This is such a deadly fly when trout are feeding on Callibaetis mayflies on or in the surface film. I prefer the grey Callibaetis in size 12 or 14 fished with an intermediate or 7 foot clear sink-tip with slow 4-6 inch pulls. The Peacock Callibaetis or Olive Peacock Callibaetis is extremely consistent for me which makes it my first choice when probing shallow water or in depths of 1-4 feet. The same two fly lines apply here as well. I like this fly is sizes 10 and 12.

Color Body Hackle Tail Wing Case
1 Grey Grey Hare's Ear Grey Grizzly Wood Duck Wood Duck
2 Black Peacock Black Black Black
3 Olive Peacock Burnt Orange Olv. Wood Duck Olv. Wood Duck
4 Peacock Peacock Burnt Orange Wood Duck Wood Duck
5 Black Peacock Peacock Burnt Orange Black Black
6 Natural Ripple Ice Dub Grey Grizzly Wood Duck Wood Duck


Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Stillwater Pupae  - $3.00 

I spent two seasons testing this fly on a variety of lakes under a variety of conditions. It comes in six color variations and all have produced big time for me. I found it more critical to fish the fly in the top few feet and not be so picky about color. The key is when the trout begin to show on the surface. Fish this fly just below the top with very SLOW pulls and LONGER than normal pauses between pulls. I've landed some really big fish on this pattern already so don't skimp on tippet size unless you have a good supply of the pattern in your fly box. I prefer the Camo intermediate fly line, but the 7 foot Camo sink tip is very effective as well. It works well as a searching pattern but is best when fished as a pupae just below the surface down a couple of feet.


Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Caddis Pupa  - $3.00 


Price: $3.00 qty

Impressionistic Nymphs

Denny's Stillwater Nymphs - $3.00

The Stillwater Nymph is as deadly as any fly I ever designed for stillwater trout. This is a highly suggestive pattern imitating a host of food sources found in lakes, especially the damsel nymph. I've added some new versions after testing them extensively on lakes throughout the western states last season. This fly seems to work when most other patterns fail. The burnt orange hackle has a lot to do with the fly's success. It's best fished on a 5 or 7 foot clear sink-tip or the Camo intermediate line. Use short slow pulls when water temperatures are above 50 degrees.
Color Patterns
  Body Hackle (Saddle) Tail (Marabou) Back (Skinny Skin)
1 Olive Marabou Brnt Orange Olive Olive
2 Olive Marabou Brnt Orange Brnt Orange Olive
3 Cinnamon Marabou Brnt Orange Brnt Orange Brnt Orange
4 Olive Ice Dub Brnt Orange Olive Black
5 Olive Ice Dub Brnt Orange Burnt Orange Black
6 Peacock Brnt Orange Olive Olive
7 Peacock Brnt Orange Brnt Orange Olive
8 Peacock Brnt Orange Black Black
9 Peacock Brnt Orange B.O./Olive Wood Duck

Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Dragon Weighted - $3.00

Dragonfly nymphs are common in most nutrient lakes in the western states. They are found on or near the bottom and crawl out on shoreline rocks or vegetation to hatch. My dragonfly nymph is close to a Carey Special except I changed the body from chennile to seals fur or you can use a suitable substitute. I believe this makes the fly more suggestive and the trout seem to agree. Use a full sinking line to get the fly on the bottom regardless of depth.


Price: $3.00 Sizes 8-10 qty

Denny's Diamond Weighted - $3.00

The Diamond is a mayfly imitation. I use it for exploring depths of 2-6 feet when no insect activity is present. This pattern is best fished on the Camo intermediate line in sizes 10 or 12 with jerky 4-6 inch pulls. This is a good fly for dark days, rippled or off-colored water.


Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Damsel Nymph - $3.00

Damsels are a key food source for trout from June through September. This pattern was tested extensively throughout 2006 to find out if the trout would accept it as food, regardless of what it's supposed to imitate. They did, and I've added it to my arsenal of stillwater patterns. I tied numerous variations before settling on these two versions, which are basically the same except for the thorax and hackle color. Both worked well, at times, one a little better than the other, but no significant difference.

Remember, this pattern should be fished in the top 12 inches with a slow 4-6 inch pull and pause or hand twist retrive.
Color Patterns
  Tail (Marabou) Wingcase Thorax Hackle (Saddle)
1 Olive Clear Skinny Skin Peacock Herl Olive
2 Olive Clear Skinny Skin Peacock Herl Burnt Orange
3 Burnt Orange Clear Skinny Skin Peacock Herl Burnt Orange

Price: $3.00 Sizes 10-12 qty

Midge Patterns

Denny's Midge Larva  - $3.00 

Basically a chironomid pupae or larva pattern, it depends on the depth and angle you choose to fish it. I find this fly an outstanding choice for brown trout especially in the fall. On many days, it's my best fly when probing depths of 8-10 feet or when midges are working.

Price: $3.00 qty

Denny's Midge Pupae  - $3.00 

The difference between a midge in the pupae stage versus the larva stage is significant. The larva lives and is only found on the bottom in relatively shallow water. The pupae is found in the emerging stage or in the film just below the surface. The only significant difference between the two stages is the pupae has a wing case whereas the larva doesn't. From a presentation standpoint, the pupae is often eaten by trout for a larva and vise-versa. I can fish either as an emerger or sub surface and don't see a decline in strikes regardless of which fly I use. The biggest difference is more relative to color first, size second. Use the larger sizes 10-12 April-June and the 12-14 sizes in the fall. When trout are showing on the surface, this pattern is deadly. Use short pulls and long pauses between pulls.

Price: $3.00 qty

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